I am really confused by DNS settings and interactions with Squarespace


I am very new, so my apologies for my naivete.

My DNS settings in Cloudflare are setup exactly how Square Space wants them so that my domain is on Cloudflare, but Square Space links it.

However, Square Space sees numerous extra records and keeps telling me to delete them to make it work. When I go to my DNS settings on my Cloudflare dash, the edits simply are not possible.

For example, SQ wants me to delete AAAA records that I don’t even see on my CF dash. What am I missing? On my Cloudflare Dash, I only set up the following:
4 A records
2 CNAME records.

At Square Space, Cloudflare is giving them two additional records under AAAA that I just cannot find.

I have workjed with Square Space tech support a lot and they just cannot seem to understand the issues. I am probably the one that is confused, so I am asking for your help.


Cloudflare can proxy to IPv4 and IPv6. If Squarespace won’t allow you to have AAAA records, and you’re not on a paid plan, you’ll have to toggle those DNS records to :grey: DNS Only.

Hooray. That fixed it, though I am on the basic paid plan. Thank you!

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