I am pointing my namecheap domain to subdomain that I created at cloudflare

I have 2 domains one from Namecheap(a.com) and one from cloudflare(b.com). I added A type DNS record x.b.com under cloudflare that is pointing to my servers IP address. Now the thing that I need to do is I want to create a cname record(y.a.com) under my Namecheap account so that I can access my cloudflare x.a.com site with namecheap domain too, but whenever I used my name cheap domain it shows my error 1001 DNS resolution error.

You will either need to switch the subdomain to DNS-only (disable Cloudflare) or use a Cloudflare for SaaS setup:

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@Laudian I want to give a feature for custom domains so users can add their own domains. But If I change to DNS only in that case HTTPS requests stopped working. Do you have any idea with DNS only record how can I setup SSL for every user’s domain? Thanks.

Whether you use Cloudflare for SaaS or not, you need a certificate for your customers domain on your server.

With Cloudflare for SaaS, you can use Origin certificates for this.

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