I am occasionally getting error 522 the last month

I am occasionally getting error 522 the last month, but after some minutes the site is loading again. I checked there isn’t any load on server, neither the firewall is blocking your IP ranges.

It’s frustrating, because I can’t find what is happening. The websites work, but then my clients will inform that they can’t reach it, while I can. After 5-10 minutes the website will load like nothing happened.

Kind regards,
Mike Kapodistrias

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you are facing. It sounds like you have already done some reading on the possibly causes of a 522 and tried to elimiate some these, which makes it then difficult to advise without looking at your specific zone and whats happening.

You may need to contact support for further investigation.

However here are some pointers that may help you progress the investigation.

If you look at your zone’s Cloudflare Analytics and filter for requests that have an Edge Response of 522 - what do you see?

Are you seeing 522’s from multiple Cloudflare datacenters, or just isolated to a specific region?

If you seeing it in one specific datacenter or a region, this could be related to something happening at a network level with connectivity between CF and your origin, but if you are seeing 522s from many different Cloudflare datacenters with a wide geopgrahical spread, then it is more likely to be something at your origin, hosting provider - because there would be different network routes being taken to reach your origin.

In the anayltics, do you see spikes in 522s and then none for extended periods, is there any pattern to time of days/time of days these happen? - if there is, that oculd be a sign of some automated action that is resulting in 522s.

Getting more information from Anayltics about the frequently and timestamps and the datacenters this is happening, would help in getting a better understanding of what could be happening here.