I am not recieving emails from instagram support

I set up forwarding to a gmail account which works when i tested it, but i am not recieving the password reset link from instagram

Cloudflare should be forwarding emails to my domain to my gmail account



What exactly do you see under the “Activity Log” on this page?


Each entry there should be able to be expanded, to see extended error information.

I only see my test emails there

Has any of your Instagram password reset attempts been made within the past 24 hours, or have they all been made more than 24 hours ago?

All the ones I did today were after i set up the email forwarding

Activity Log” will show everything that has been attempted to be delivered to Cloudflare Email Routing, within the last 24 hours.

It may take a couple of minutes to pop up on “Activity Log” though.

So if you’re not seeing anything on the “Activity Log” for for something you expect, which is between 5 minutes - 24 hours old, then you would need to talk to the sender (in this case, Instagram).

With no delivery attempts to Cloudflare Email Routing, it would appear like they are not actually sending the message out.

It could be that you’ve ended up on some sort of suppression list on their end.

Thanks. They were blocking me. I made a facebook account with the same email which got them to unblock me.

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