I am not happy with Cloudflare domain who is privacy

I made a mistake, my fault, without knowing Cloudflare whois privacy practices I transferred the domain to Cloudflare and now stuck and cannot transfer out to other domain registrar. Any solution?

I doubt this is caused by the whois. Did you transfer recently? If so, your domain has a transfer lock for 60 days

Domain already transferred to Cloudflare but privacy is not upto the mark. It is a partial or pseudo privacy.

Thanks, I will transfer out after 60 days.

What do you mean? :thinking:

As a International site it is better to leave country and state etc. also under privacy or no privacy at all but country, state etc. are not covered by cloudflare privacy.

Cloudflare registrar is neither providing proper privacy nor all data is visible and hence it is partial or pseudo privacy.

CF privates all info unless the TLD policies prevent it. What TLD is your domain on?

Just for your reference, this is not a Cloudflare policy, but an ICANN policy that applies to all registrars:


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It is a .com domain. Every other leading registrar such as Google, Namecheap, Dynadot, Namesilo, Name, Porkbun, Godaddy and many other provide either full whois privacy support or no privacy at all.

Same here. I moved some day ago to Cloudflare and now Country and State are not hidden. This was different with my registrant before.

Cloudfare just offers redaction not whois privacy.
People with power can still see request your full whois data.

From the ICANN framework document for domain name redaction:

expects ICANN to develop and implement a WHOIS model which will enable legitimate uses by relevant stakeholders, such as law enforcement, of personal data concerning registrants in compliance with the GDPR, without leading to an unlimited publication of those data. In this respect the WP29 encourages ICANN to develop appropriate policies and procedures applicable to incidental and
systematic requests for access to WHOIS data, in particular for access by law enforcement entities.

I agree.
However my present concern is those random people, who might become upset because I like vanilla flavor ice-cream or just dislike the country or state and start spamming like crazy.

Though those people do not care the domain is under privacy or not because I recently facing email spam despite the privacy is on, they are probably trying to blacklist that domain. I never sent any email using that domain or presently not an active site or no email service configured yet. Only receive or mail forward activated, but still receiving huge amount of email delivery fail and similar messages. However that is another domain or not this domain and I will never try that domain with a registrar like cloudflare.

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