I am not getting a response to recover my account

Access to our Super Admin account has unfortunately been lost (new computer, new phone). I have been trying for months to regain this, but it proves that the account recovery support ticket goes to a black hole. This is very frustrating when working with an industry leader like cloudflare.

Does anyone have a way to get this back? We have access to our normal admin accounts and the email access to the Super Admin account, but without logging into the Super Admin Account, we are not able to update the billing info for our account, or purchase more domains.

Please let me know. need this resolved asap.

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Can you create an Account ticket using the account you are using here and share the email for the super admin account along with the name of a website in that account on the ticket?

Once you have a ticket number, please share that number here and reply to the ticket via email with a link to this post, I am not getting a response to recover my account, and cc the superadmin email as well on your reply.

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