I am not able to run cloudflared as a service

I tried running the cloudflared as s service in windows and even mentioned the config file but it shows this

Can you please show the exact path and arguments you have set up, and what the command you are using looks like (redact anything sensitive).

Now it’s working thanks

Mind sharing how did you solve the issue? Don’t leave us hanging around.


Used this to specify the config file in registry

The exact command was like

C:\Cloudflared\bin\cloudflared.exe --config C:\Users\Administrator\.cloudflared\config.yml

And runed the service with this command

sc start cloudflared tunnel run

Also if that didn’t work

Assuming Windows is installed to C:, when running as a service, Cloudflare Tunnel expects the configuration to be available at the following path:

C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile.cloudflared\config.yml .

You can copy your local configuration from:


If that directory is not available, you can execute the following command to create the directory.

Follow this

Follow this documentation