I am not able to open wikipedia. The traffic is getting dropped at cloudflare AS

Hello Cloudflare,

kindly, provide some solution.

Following is an observation from the upstream provider.
Please check and do needful.
We configured the IP on our router and observed the trace is getting stuck in Cloudflare’s network AS13335.
Now, there might be 2 possibilities:

  1. Cloudflare might’ve blocked your source IP’s.
  2. There might be filtering applied for your source in the end destination by a site administrator.
    Now, share the traces from the source where the site is opening. We’ll compare the traces and then check.
    Simultaneously, you can raise a case with the site administrator to check for the blocking.
    Below are the logs for your reference:
    [email protected]> traceroute source no-resolve

traceroute to ( from, 30 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 35.065 ms * *

2 36.900 ms 37.076 ms 46.557 ms

3 35.226 ms 35.434 ms 35.288 ms

4 77.277 ms 78.364 ms 77.799 ms

5 180.189 ms 177.817 ms 176.880 ms

6 180.554 ms 187.218 ms 187.355 ms

7 * * *

8 * * *

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