I am not able to add the domain

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Domain Name → goldenexch99.com

I am trying to add this domain to my Cloudflare account, but its sending error like "The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone. Please contact the domain owner to have this hold removed.

I my self is the domain owner, and have contacted to the service provider Godaddy as well. But they could not do related to this.

it looks like you tried to add this zone but failed due to the zone hold…and the nameservers are a bit of a mess, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool. And, whois returns a different set than those that are assigned to the account you are using here. Finally, the zone (domain) is purged from your account.

You need to identify the person that has the zone hold active in their account, ask them to remove it, add the zone to your account, and then change namservers at your registrar. Given that ns change appears to be in process, you may encounter issues when adding the domain to your current account. if so, you need to have the owner remove the zone hold, revert the changes to the nameservers, and then add the zone to your account. At that point, you’d contact the domain registrar to make the nameserver change to the two assigned in the account you are using to manage the domain (site/zone).


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