I am not able to access ZOHO Mail

I am not able to access Zoho mail even after updating MX records in Cloudfare.Can you tell me why I am not able to access mails from Zoho.

I got a notfication from zoho account that my MX records are not updated.Even after updating,its not working.

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Can you post a screenshot of the DNS records in your dashboard (or tell us the domain name). Also what record does Zoho require?

My domain is https://www.travelcrusade.org and my zoho professional email is [email protected].

I am getting a notification alert from zoho saying that the MX records of my domain is not pointed to zoho and I may not receive any emails.

I have already mapped the MX records in my cloudfare account that Zoho asks me to update.

Hostname Address Priority
@/Blank mx zoho com 10
@/Blank mx2 zoho com 20
@/Blank mx3 zoho com 50

I use Zoho Mail and my MX records have the domain name (instead of @) as hostname:

example.com mx.zoho.com 10

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You have an additional record pointing to mail.travelcrusade.org, remove that.

And @cbrandt the @ sign is used to represent the base domain name.


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