I am not able to access any website, all are redirecting to garbage website

I’d scan your origin server for malware, your hosting provider may be able to assist with that. Click here for a google search about that.

In looking at your dash I don’t see changes to DNS records or rules that would cause this redirect, that’s why I suspect it’s something on the origin.

We’ve seen similar reports of redirects to that site, and other sites. Up to now, we’ve been able to identify the cause of the redirect to be a rule added to the cloudflare dash. With this, I suspect it’s happening outside of cloudflare.

To avoid a similar issue in the future, when you speak with your hosting provider you may want to ask them to assist you in locking down your origin server so that it only accepts traffic from cloudflare, but first things first. And that’s finding the cause of the redirects and stopping them.

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