I am not a cloudflare user, but I am marked as a bad IP by all the websites I coope

I am an enterprise user. I have found that many websites that cooperate with Cloudflare have marked our public IP addresses as bad IPs or directly added them to the blocklist. This should be a problem on your Cloudflare side and needs to be resolved.

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Cloudflare does not have any control over how site operators use Cloudflare to protect their sites. Any issues you have with site access will need to be presented by you to the sites you are encountering difficulties with. Neither Cloudflare nor the Community have any way to alter the policies used by any site operators.

The problem is that all the websites it cooperates with have blocked my IP. It is normal for non-cloudflare cooperation, so it has a greater relationship with cloudflare. For example, whether your blocklist library has a blocklist with customers This problem is very serious. Our IP was mistakenly marked as a bad IP, which affected the normal Internet service of my company. Please provide a solution.

You made it here without getting blocked.

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It is not blocked, but it is marked as a bad IP. Opening access requires human-machine verification before entering.

The only solution is to contact the sites that you are having difficulty accessing. Cloudflare cannot make any changes to user’s rules. You can confirm this by searching the Community. You will see that no other response is ever given to this request and there is no reason to expect this will change.

So what do you mean, every website I visit that cannot be cooperated with will have to complain to its owner?

Is there any solution? Now many websites that cooperate with you have marked my IP. It is not a good idea to complain about this one by one. Do you want to confirm internally first and whether our IP has been marked? Logically speaking , the user you cooperate with is the source of security provided by you.

The more than ten or twenty websites I visit here are basically the security provided by you, and they all require human-machine verification, or they are directly inaccessible (of course, this may be directly blocked by the website owner and not marked as Bad IP)

For example, when I visit the website i.sstatic.net, your human-machine verification steps pop up. Many websites are like this.I have attached two pictures, please check

It looks like you unmarked the solution. You really have just three choices:

  1. Reach out to the websites to override their security setting for your IP addresses.
  2. Change your IP addresses.
  3. Give it some time for your IP addresses to be cleared of its bad reputation, provided whatever triggered it before doesn’t happen again.

Now I need human-machine verification to access your website. Please review my IP again or clear the bad registration. Can you contact the internal technology to check whether there is any IP marked as bad? Is this impossible to communicate and coordinate?Isn’t this human-machine verification developed by you? Is this detection mechanism not from your side?

It seems that your side did not give a suitable answer to this question. The current human-machine verification function is indeed your side. I hope that I can get a good answer to the user’s question and can carefully review and absorb it. Questions and suggestions from users, thank you

Hello, I’m sorry to bother you. Please deal with this problem. You mistakenly marked my IP as a bad IP. Please remove it now. Thank you.

If my IP needs to be re-examined, please let me know if you need my cooperation or what to provide. Instead of simply answering my questions, the current human-machine verification function is indeed a product function of your company. Then In other words, my IP has been registered in the IP database. Please take this issue seriously. If possible, please contact your company’s internal technical personnel to verify and handle it. Now because of this, our business has been greatly affected. I hope Understand it