I am new to cloudflare, need some help plz

Hi all,

I am new to cloudflare. First day to use and some bits are making me confused.

Originally, I have my DNS controlled by Plesk, I updated the domain name NS and pointed to cloudflare generated NS, it automatically copied most of the records from my server. However, there are 4 rows are not copied cross. 3 SRV records (related with _pop3, _smtp, _imap tec) and a TXT (domainconnect.plesk.com/xxx).

My questions:

  1. Do I have to manually copy them and add to cloudflare or it is ok to leave them?
  2. The grey dns only records on cloudflare, do they override the server settings or the original server handle the rest?

Thanks for the help.

  1. Yes. Cloudflare is just guessing at entries. Anything it doesn’t guess, you have to add.

  2. :grey: DNS means it behaves like it did before Cloudflare. A connection straight to your server. If it’s :orange: (web traffic only), Cloudflare will secure and optimize that traffic to your server.


Hey Sdayman,

Thanks for the fast reply.
I will add all the missing records to cloudflare and make sure it will have exactly the same like my original server.

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Morning from NZ, me again.
While I am waiting for the proper propagation, may I ask you another question?
If I export all the DNS records from plesk, and import to CF, it will include 2 rows of NS records as well, for example
NS ns1.domain.com
NS ns2.domain.com
Are these required?
Also, I have 3 rows of SRV records related with _pop3s, _imaps, _smtps tcp records, are these have to be included as well?

What I understand is what ever from the plesk server, copy cross to CF? So that I can disable the plesk DNS settings?

Thanks for your time.

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