I am new to cloudflare and wanted to know the following

  1. How to check if cloudflare connected to domain is free or paid?
  2. How to retrieve account email address connected to the domain? Use for reseting the password because we don’t know the email and password of the current cloudflare thats been set to our domain.
  3. Does cloudflare automatically sync DNS from cPanel? And what the scheduling recurrence?

Thanks in advance and any information is greatly appreciated.

  1. You check your Cloudflare dashboard’s domain listing for a listing: https://dash.cloudflare.com/websites
  2. You’d have to look through your possible email accounts for previous Cloudflare correspondence. If you can’t find any, it’s best to create a new account and add the domain to that one.
  3. Cloudflare only scans DNS records once, and it doesn’t do this from cPanel. It guesses at thousands of common hostnames and gets those settings. But if you’re on a Partner setup, that host stays synced with Cloudflare DNS.

Sorry @sdayman I think I have confuse you on my questions.

  1. I want to know if a specific “ex. domainname.com” is using a cloudflare free or paid without acct. login.
  2. I am asking on if its possible to retrieve email of a certain domain name in cloudflare that way I can trigger a reset password for it.
  3. Hmmm I have tested it and I am 100% that its not guessing in what DNS settings are set in the domain because of somehow its getting all the cpanel dns settings that I have set.

Thanks for the prompt answer… and will try to do more research on which way I can retrieve the password without the email address that way I can still keep the existing cloudflare acct. without creating new one.

Hello everyone,
I am new to Cloudflare. I recently added my website https://www.californiamediauae.com with basic subscription. still i cannot see my website is connected with the cloudflare.
Kindly help
Thanks in advance

@websuae In the DNS records, does your A record pointing to your domain have the orange cloud? The orange cloud means CloudFlare is proxying the traffic. If it’s not, just click the cloud and CloudFlare should work for the domain.

Since you said “basic subscription,” I take it to mean not Business or Enterprise level plan. In that case, you need to set your name servers to the ones Cloudflare has assigned to you for that domain.

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