I am new to CDN and website not showing

My website is active in some browsers but plesk message is coming in some browsers. Please advise.

my website is technoxstore dot com

I get the Plesk page across Safari, Firefox and Chrome (and for www) as well as on the command line…

Check that when the page loads correctly for you, it’s not due to caching - clear your browser cache or using private/incognito mode. It seems the Plesk page is what your setup is pointing to.

Do you have more than one A/AAAA record in your Cloudflare DNS which may be pointing at different servers?

Check that the A/AAAA or CNAME record is pointing to the correct place for your hosting. If using a CNAME it may need to be set to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied” by your host so try that.

I have checked my A/AAA and CNAME records. Everything seems correct. I can also browse my site. I called my Domain Registrar and Hosting provider and they recommend me to wait 24 hours to get correct result.

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