I am having problems disabling Cloudflare's cache

Hey everyone, I am constantly getting flagged for caching audio files for my music, yet I am using the following settings:

SSL/TLS: Flexible

Caching Level -> Standard
Browser Caching -> Respect existing headers
Development Mode -> OFF

Page Rules:
.domain.com/ -> Cache Level: Bypass
domain.com/* -> Cache Level: Bypass

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, please help me out!

Thank you :slight_smile:

That should do it. Can you post the URL of an audio file that’s being flagged as cached?

I know what it might be, that I have my DNS as proxied for all links? Could that be the issue?

It can’t be the SSL/TLS as flexible can it?

The audio files are like this, domain.com/audiofile1, domain.com/audiofile2, etc.


Not sure if this was a reply to you, but see my response.

Thanks Sdayman!

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