I am having issues sending email internally and externally

I am having issues sending email internally and externally. When I send the email it goes in to the spam folder and it does and error saying Be careful with this message
The sender hasn’t authenticated this message so corcoraninfinity.com Mail can’t verify that it actually came from them. Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments, or replying with personal information.

How do i fix this?

How do i fix this issue?

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Start by fixing your invalid SPF record.

Your DKIM records don’t appear to be valid, either. The ones in your screenshot don’t return a valid response and I didn’t find one at Google’s default value of google._domainkey. Ensure that you enabled DKIM according to Google’s documentation.

You will want to check your account with whoever operates imprevbms.com to see why the canonical names from your imprev1 and imprev2 CNAMEs are not found.

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