I am having difficulty with HTTPS Settings

I have DNS setup with cloudflare. I have pointed the DNS settings in my domain registrar to cloudflare. However I do not know how to set up HTTPS traffic to the specific website. I’ve attempted to do so…but the online instructions are somewhat vague.

Have you added DNS records here?
Those will need to be set to point at whoever is hosting your website and email. Make sure your origin webserver and email is all working with HTTPS before adding Cloudflare so you know it should all work.

What is the domain?

Yes. Just A records

The domain is leedorder(dot)com

Your records are not proxied, so connections are going to direct to your origin…

…so I can see HTTPS isn’t working on your origin. That should be fixed first.
Port 443 is open but seems there’s no SSL handshaking…

curl -I https://www.leedorder.com
curl: (35) LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to www.leedorder.com:443

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