I am having an issue with authenticating in Mailerlite

Hi there,

So I am trying to authenticate my domain on Mailerlite and it is saying that my domain is hosted via Cloudflare. Before now I have never had a Cloudflare account (I only got a Cloudflare account to access support). My domain is hosted by Webcentral and I have added all the correct coding for DMARC, SPF etc… to my Webcentral account but it keeps saying that my domain is hosted through here. I am so confused, this is my last resort and I am feeling quite frustrated.

Can anyone please help? My domain is vaallday.com.au - I have added a screenshot of what mailtester is showing me. Could someone have come onto cloud share and used my domain?

Your domain does use Cloudflare…

Cloudflare nameservers were set on 30 January 2024 according to securitytrails.com. Someone will have set this up for your so you need to find out who in order to gain access to the Cloudflare account and configure the DNS.

You can try these options if you are not sure…

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to take control of the DNS by using a new Cloudflare account, or that of another DNS provider, and changing the nameservers set at your registrar (hopefully you have have access to that).

Note that you will need to know all your DNS settings to enter into that new account to avoid any site downtime.


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