I am having a lot of troubles with my email

I have performed a search and did not find anything that touched on my issue (or as near as I could search for)

Here is the problem:
Domain registered with Uniregistry
Hosting provided by HostGator
CDN through Cloudflare
Microsoft Office 365 for company email

Apparently, when I activated my CDN with Cloudflare - somehow or other my email became trashed in the process.

I was told by GoDaddy that the issue cannot be resolved by them as this is a Cloudflare issue.

I entered all of the date (TXT, CNAME, etc) and even got a “YAY! Your email is now working” message through GoDaddy.

Problem is - it is not.

I have sent numerous test emails from various accounts and nothing is coming through. To further aggravate the situation, these test emails are not being bounced back either. They are just “out there” somewhere.

Ironically - almost savagely - the email to join this group from Cloudflare did come through. LOL

As there are 2 work emails tied to this account I would really appreciate the assistance in getting this resolved.

Respectfully, Mike

If you can modify your DNS records through GoDaddy, then you probably haven’t changed your nameservers to the ones provided by CloudFlare, meaning that you are not using CloudFlare at the moment.

On the other hand, receiving some of the emails but not others usually means that there are DNS records that have not propagated yet.

Either way, in order to use CloudFlare, you need to change the nameservers for your domain to the CloudFlare ones, and then edit the DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, TXT) through CloudFlare. Keep in mind that changing nameservers and other records takes time to fully propagate.

If you provide the domain name in question, we will be able to check what is going on.

The domain is huntersfriendresort.com

The domain is modified through Uniregistry which (ironically) is now owned by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy only weighs in here because we have our Office 365 subscription through them and nothing more.

You have 2 conflicting MX records: dc-ed7c8aa3ca12.huntersfriendresort.com and huntersfriendresort-com.mail.protection.outlook.com

This is why you are receiving some emails but not others. You should remove the first MX record if you want to use Office 365 for all your emails.

Just delete the second MX record - the one pointing emails to mail.huntersfriendresort.com.

Thank you - I have done so.

At this point is there another “propagation delay” to wait for? I only ask because I did another test email and nothing has came through.

Additionally, I just signed into my MS Outlook Online and the only thing that arrived there was a notification from 30 minutes ago. No test email there either. I mention this because it is affecting my exchange emails as well. i.e. accessible on any device.

This particular change should be reflected globally within a few minutes, given the fact that the MX time-to-live is set to 5 minutes. To be extra sure, remove this same MX record through your registrar’s interface as well. You may want to do that for the DNS resolvers that have your old nameservers in their cache.

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