I am having a 522 error from the

May I ask have you tried to temporary enable the Pause Cloudflare for this site option from Cloudflare dashboard?

  • you can find it at the bottom of the “home” at the dashboard …


Does something happend, or changes at least? Any differences?

Give it a try at least so we could troubleshoot the possible SSL issues and HTTPS connection at your hosting/VPS server, if so.

I had to get out of VPS/dedicated server,and go to hosting transfer,and was able to not have to fill out info that I didn’t have,or didn’t get established yet.The Ticket was received,and I was able to request and fulfill every info to ask them that you fritex Leader,and the technical engineer Jochen had instructed me to provide the ticket with on Cloudflare’s ip ranges to see if the host provider could possibly get allowlisted.We will be awaiting their updated response to see where it will lead to in resolving this 522 error issue.Thanks for you help,and hopefully we can get these issues resolved without having to have to bother you and Jochen to much.We appreciate your assistance in helping me to handle these vital issues,thanks and keep up the good work.

Oh! I somehow didn’t get to it with my mind trying to deal with many issues at one time,but I am going to attempt that here in a second.Thanks for reminding me.

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Login to Cloudflare dashboard using your Cloudflare account, select your domain name, scroll down, and at the right sidebar it should be located as a link.

My replies are not responding to you here anymore,have just written 2 replies to answer your question and no text for replies are showing up.

I don’t see where to push the enable a pause button at the bottom of the hone page,I tried to copy and paste it to you twice, but the copy and paste are not showing up in the last 2 replies that I sent you.Si I am telling you without copying and pasteing because this is the only way that the replies seem to get through to your response here.

I am afraid we are going in a loop here.

I am sorry to say, but as far as your replies are containing feedback information, it seems to me you are not experienced or have little knowledge of how to manage your domain at Cloudflare, neither can gather all the needed information for your website in terms of system administration, despite the fact of posting all the needed helpful links and information including the reply from the CF support how to troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

I may only suggest you look up and hire someone more experienced to check this issue you are experiencing with your domain name for your if you cannot figure it out, and resolve it as it should be.