I am having a 522 error from the

The webserver failed to respond from the Cloudflare diagnostic check with a 522 error,the support team email me a link to paste into my browser to be activated,the response said the the link expired and could not be activated, because it was already activated.I tried to login ,and the response was that this wasn’t valid ,but go on into the Cloudflare Community so I was allowed access into the Cloudflare Community.I don’t know what to do to get my domains redirected to the online presence.I haven’t change my email address,it has remained the same through every attempt to login.The redirection request for the host providers webserver is connecting to the origin web server but failing to make the redirections request to allow my domains to have an online presence.The response from the failure attempt to redirect my domain to be online stated that it was no fault of my own.Any helpful advice to fix the 522 error to redirect my domains to have my an online presence,I would appreciate very much.Is there any helpful advice to give me that could maby reveal to me what the source of this blockage could be,or to know exactly where I may be missing it?Or to troubleshoot exactly what needs to be done to fix this 522 error to be successfully redirected to be online?

what is your domain name?

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If not already read, may I suggest looking into below articles (if not already) due to the specified issue of 522 timeout:

How about checking if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your new VPS, in case any firewall settings/configuration changed? Kindly can you re-check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your origin host to as follows in the below article:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?
May I ask what SSL option have you got selected under the SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain ( Flexible, Full, Full Strict … )?

My domain was working for an HTTPS connection,and the SSL/TLS tab was selected on the full,choice button,that I pushed,if I am correctly understanding the question that you asking me.Because I barely know what these things mean what you are asking me,I hope that I am correct,I’m pretty much knew on trying to pick up information to relate to you these subjects under discussion,I am very knew to all of these topics under discussion.

Once I go to these IP Cloudflare hosting addresses,is that how I am going to be able to make ,or establish contact with my host provider, because I don’t know how to contact my host provider,and haven’t been successful in my attempt to try to locate them.

Maybe the SSL certificate expired at your hosting?
Furthermore, you would have to correct your SSL/TLS settings by switching it to Full (Strict) SSL:

May I ask what is your domain name, if so? Maybe we could lookup at the DNS history and find it for you.

Or, you could temporary switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) into your DNS tab for A yourdomain.com and A www , or click on the Pause Cloudflare for this Site option from the Cloudflare dashboard (Home tab) → scroll down a bit to find this option.


Wait for few minutes and then you could check the IP address to which your website resolves. That way, you could try to find your hosting provider by knowing it.

UPDATE: You probbably have got the IP address to which your domain is pointed in your DNS tab, right?
If so, use ipinfo.io/ and enter the IP to find out a bit more.

My domain is
affiliatecommunications.com,I would appreciate it if you could lookup the DND history for me.i don’t know how to check to see if cloudflare is allowed to connect to my new VPS,or if they are allowed to connect to my origin host.I think I can go into my Cloudflare to locate the DNS section to try to push those certain options that you are suggesting,I am slow and very knew to everything it may take me a while to try to find and fulfill your request,if you can be patient to wait on me to try to accomplish this request The cloudflate support team email me their statistics on what the problems appeared to be on their end and was telling me what to ask and say to the host provider,and I sure would like to try to find a way to copy and paste this to you,to possibly give you more details concerning my exact problem for what I need to say and do for this issue,if you could allow me to try to copy and paste those emails to you from the support team.

jochen (Cloudflare)

Nov 24, 2021, 7:54 AM PST

Hi there,

First of all sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I have checked the error logs for your domain on Cloudflare for the last 2 days and I can see that 522 errors are occurring which means we are unable to connect to your origin:

I have run repeated TCP connection tests to the location where we saw the errors and you can see there are some failures:

Source IP:
nc: connect to port 443 (tcp) timed out: Operation now in progress
[exit code 1]
Source IP:
nc: connect to port 443 (tcp) timed out: Operation now in progress
error: some errors occured while executing

What is interesting here is that the IPs that fail are consistent each time. For your reference here are the top IPs of ours that experienced these errors in the last 2 days:


This is a very clear indication that some of the IPs in Cloudflare’s IP ranges are either being rate-limited or blocked by a network device at your hosting provider. Because Cloudflare operates as a reverse proxy the IP address your server will see is one of a limited number of Cloudflare IPs. In that sense, many actual visitors may all come from the same IP address, which can cause firewalls or security software that is not appropriately allowlisting the Cloudflare IP ranges to block this traffic as it may see it as excessive or malicious. We publish a full list of our IP ranges here so that you can allowlist:

I would make sure that your hosting provider confirm that the Cloudflare IP ranges listed in the URL above are fully allowlisted from any security software, firewall etc to ensure there is no rate limiting or blocking of our edge servers.

This should ensure that Cloudflare can consistently make a connection to your origin server to retrieve content and serve it to your visitors.


Jochen Technical Support Engineer
Search the Cloudflare Community for advice and insight.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 16.52.42.png

afilliatecommunications.compoints to
CNAME(Proxied auto TTL)

www.afilliatecommunications.comis an alias of parkingpage.namecheap.com.
MX(DNS only auto TTL)

eforward3.registrar-servers.comhandles mail for afilliatecommunications.com.
MX(DNS only auto TTL)

eforward2.registrar-servers.comhandles mail for afilliatecommunications.com.
MX(DNS only auto TTL)

eforward1.registrar-servers.comhandles mail for afilliatecommunications.com.
MX(DNS only auto TTL)

eforward4.registrar-servers.comhandles mail for afilliatecommunications.com.
MX(DNS only auto TTL)

eforward5.registrar-servers.comhandles mail for afilliatecommunications.com.
TXT(DNS only auto TTL)

afilliatecommunications.comhas a record with content estage.
TXT(DNS only auto TTL)

afilliatecommunications.comhas a record with content v=spf1 include:spf.efwd.registrar-servers.com ~all.

Cloudflare Nameservers

To use Cloudflare, ensure your authoritative DNS servers, or nameservers have been changed. These are your assigned Cloudflare nameservers.


Custom Nameservers

Custom nameservers allow you to create your own, unique nameservers in place of your assigned Cloudflare nameservers. To switch to using custom nameservers, first create them here, then add them as glue records at your registrar.

Upgrade to Business



DNSSEC protects against forged DNS answers. DNSSEC protected zones are cryptographically signed to ensure the DNS records received are identical to the DNS records published by the domain owner.



CNAME Flattening

Cloudflare will follow a CNAME to where it points and return that IP address instead of the CNAME record. By default, Cloudflare will only flatten the CNAME at the root of your domain, which is afilliatecommunications.com.
I’m trying to find a way to get to my DNS record to find a way to change the full choice option,the full strict option as you suggested,I am having a hard time just to try to find that section in my Cloudflare DNS setup management account.It is a new and confusing way for me as a beginner.

I am set on full strict option,on my SSL/TLS

Exactly how and where do I go to find my host provider to check to make sure that all of his Cloudflare IP listed in his url are allowlisted from any security software,firewall etc.to ensure that there is no rate limiting,or blocking of you alls edge servers?To ensure that Cloudflare can consistently make a connection to my origin server to retrieve content to serve it to my visitors?

I got this when I open your Website (NOTE: dark mode):

And after that I got this (NOTE: dark mode):

Your web hosting provider is Namecheap, as same as your domain name is registered at Namecheap registrar.

I would recommend writing a ticket or contacting a Namecheap support (login into your account / Namecheap dashboard, look up for “Chat”, send message, your domain name and hosting, provide the support pin) to resolve this issue.

They should be able to troubleshoot and fix the issue from their end in terms of your Web hosting plan / shared hosting / VPS. It’s not the Cloudflare one.

Jochen written good instructions, similar to my first post at this topic. Namecheap should check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your hosting.

Also, kindly ask them if your domain/website has got an active SSL certificate and if it is installed.

Otherwise, you could check that if you have the access to the Namecheap interface and hosting from Namecheap.

Sir you are most definitely a great help,and I really express thanks,and gratitude for everything that you have done to help,and to bare up with my being slow,I am going to make every effort to follow through with everything that you have advised me to do,it may take a while,bit hopefully I will gradually make progress to help get this issue solved.

Ticket Creation (Hosting – VPS and Dedicated Servers)
Domain Name:* Enter your domain name the VPS/dedicated server purchased for
User Name: Enter your VPS Panel user name
Server Hostname: Enter the VPS/dedicated server hostname
IP Address: Enter main IP address of your VPS/dedicated server
Root Password: Enter the root password for your VPS/dedicated server
Account Ownership Verification
Account Username: Your namecheap.com account username
Support Pin: Please add support pin if you would like to speed up your request validation. To find Support Pin click here

Fritex Leader,I manage to get to a support ticket area to select host,to dedicated VPS server,and I was wondering if you could help me fill in the correct names and numbers that they have listed here to try to submit this ticket correctly, because I don’t know which is the host number to what and where a pin number is,could you help me not mess these requested answers up to make sure that my information is correctly submitted?

I think my VPS Panel username is {redacted}
That I first signed up with when I was first establishing an account for a user name and a password.But I don’t remember ever having to use, create, to establish these others names, that they are requesting.Where would I find these 3 more different other names that they are requesting for me to submit a ticket?
The vps dedicated/server hostname,
The main ip address of my VPS/ dedicated server
and the root password for my VPS/dedicated server,I don’t remember ever having any knowledge to even know that I had these names,nor where I could find them.Where would I go on the name heal account to finds what and where these names would be?

would the IP address be the
And my root password be the password that I establish to be able to login, when I first signed up?
Because If so then the only thing from there that I would need to know where to go to find the correct name for who the name is of the VPS/dedicated server hostname , because It seems like I never knew who that name was the whole time that I have been registered with namecheap,I wonder where I should search for on the namecheap account to find out where that hostname would be?

I am sorry to say, but how should I know this information?

Re-check your email mailbox for any kind of credentials.

Please, be aware of privacy and do not share any confidental information like login passwords and similar here at this forum.

Thanks for your input and cautious advice to lead me into the right direction.Am presently attempting to learn first things first,my business instructions advises me that we don’t need hosting,or SSL from the registered domain because all of that is provided in the estage account that we have pointed our domains to, through cloudflare,but in order for me to get assistance from the namecheap registered account I am ask to provide these VPS requested information just to be able to receive assistance from the host provider to possibly lead me through to correcting the issues for this 522 error,and the present host provider through namecheap was who I was automatically connected to,they were not who I chose to make sure that they are the host provider that would be the host who would offer the redundancy etc and other services that would be most beneficial for my type of business,being that Estage told me that I wouldn’t need hosting services that’s already provided,how would I get assistance from the present host provider that I am presently connected to to help me solve the 522 error issue,if I don’t have the VPS information established with them to even get the host providing assistance necessary to solve the blocking,and rate limiting issues with this current namecheap provider,I don’t quite know what is best,or how to get around not establishing hosting services with the namecheap hosting provider that I am currently connected with.How do I get assistance to solve the 522 issue,without opting in for hosting services that my Estage domain business told me that I didn’t need from no one else, because that is already provided with my Estage account that my domains are connected to?

All I know to do at this point is to ask these pressing questions on a comment from my Estage training video, because for the namecheap inquiry for assistance to solve the 522 error issue,I won’t be able to get the assistance necessary without opting in to choose a hosting provider through the namecheap account that they are instructing me here at Estage not to get, because it’s already provided for here in the estage account,so what would they suggest that I do at this point,not opting in for host services through namecheap the namecheap host provider that I am currently connected to to help solve the 522 error that you tell me that I don’t need, because Estage has informed me that this hosting services is provided for through the estage account,then no service to be able to solve the 522 error issue to be able to establish an online presence after the limit rating and blocking issues of timing out is resolved.That’s all I know to do at this point, because they have me between a rock and a hard place.If I make one choice to work with one,then Estage is not satisfied,if I work with namecheap host provider to help solve the 522 error issue,if I choose to stick with not choosing hosting services through a namecheap hosting provider,then the solving the issue for this 522 error will never be solved, because you can’t even enter the necessary VPS /dedicated server information for not choosing namecheap’s hosting provider services.So Estage should be willing to respond to my inquiry for what instructions is best to follow through with to be able to make progress to get things working properly and correctly from this situation and point under discussion.