I am gettings "Bad Gateway" I don't kown why

It was running perfectly, but suddenly it show this error. When I disable proxy dns then my site goes live. but when I enable it again then it goes down again.

My ssl mode is also set to
Flexible , I don’t know why it show like this.

Please advice me to fix this. I am using free version

Hello there,

I see the website is loading fine.

If you are facing issue further, may I suggest you to look at the #CommunityTip for solutions?

Here’s the article:

I was disabled the proxy dns … Please now check . It goes down again after enabled proxy in Cloudflare

Its perfectly working for me :grinning:

I had found the issue
In my htaccess header was set

Header set X-XSS-Protection "1; mode=block"

only for this it was blocked Cloudflare, I don’t know why

If that is blocking you can look for other way round. It also matters if you’ve enabled http response in the Cloudflare and the options you set in. So, that can be conflicting. I do not have in-depth info on it precisely. However, this would suffice I believe. Here’s information:

Thank you Neiljay, It helps a lot

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