I am getting your connection on this site is not fully secure


When i added my website to Cloudflare for SSL, i am getting your “connection to this site is not fully secure”. Can you please help me out on how to fix this issue.

I am also having one more website with an extension to it, but when i am adding ssl to it the design of main domain and extension are crashed. Please help me with this issue too.

Oh, that’s not good, @omar2. Probably a mixed content issue but it is difficult to guess with little details shared. You can search mixed content #communitytip to find a tip and lots of posts with details on how to fix.

Can you share the name of the domain about which you’re posting, your interest; visitor, owner, vendor, etc. The expected results & actual results? What did you expect to happen and what is actually happening? Maybe share the steps you’ve take to fix it. What CommunityTips, ExpertTips, videos, directions, instructions, and advice you’ve followed to try & fix the issue? Oh, a screen shot of the problem helps, too,

Hi, I have also added my website on Cloudflare and everything seems to work properly except for ACCOUNT page on my website. on this particular page it shows your website is not fully secure. Can you please help. website is southwearleather.com

Hi @shoaibandkhalid, that is mixed content on the account page, too. In chrome developer tools console view you can see the error. On the SSL/TLS app, can you turn on automatic https rewrites? That may fix it.

Thanks for your reply brother. And I have already turned it on an hour ago but problem didn’t solve.

It is just the one image causing the error. You may need to update the reference for that image from ‘http://’ to a relative ‘//’. In console view you can see the offending code. Good mixed content #CommunityTip that may have other insight, search mixed content and #CommunityTip

Well I dont know any coding. Should I change the Image? will that work?

I changed the problem causing Image and YES the problem is solved. Thanks :slight_smile:

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