I am getting two

I am getting two errors on my website every 15 to 20 minutes: a 520 Cloudflare error and a 403 error. Why am I getting these errors? How can I fix this?

The 520 error you’re seeing is typically due to an issue with your origin web server, while the 403 error often results from a lack of permission to access the requested resource.

Here’s how you can troubleshoot these issues:

  1. For Error 520:
  • Check your server’s error logs to see if there are any issues on that end.
  • Ensure your server is correctly set up to receive requests from Cloudflare.
  • Read this article for more information: Fixing Error 520
  1. For Error 403:
  • This issue is often due to file or folder permissions being incorrectly set. Check the settings on your server to ensure that Cloudflare can access the necessary resources.
  • Another common cause is IP blocking or rate limiting on your server. Ensure that your server is not blocking or limiting requests from Cloudflare’s IPs.

Remember to clear your caches and retest after making any changes.