I am getting spam emails after regirsting a domain

I did not know which section to put this in but after getting a Cloudflare domain I have been getting spam on my phone number AND my Gmail! Someone is selling my information and I don’t know what to do. This is the same info from when I was buying the domain.

I moved your post to the #reliability:registrar section. Cloudflare does not rent, sell nor share information about you with anyone. Ever.

Did you also set up hosting at the same time? I know one hosting provider I was testing and I will not mention godaddy sold/shared my details to every webdesignlogodesigneveryotherbusinessyoucanhinkofvendor. That is not at all our business model. (In fact, we go the other way, at no extra charge we ensure your details do not show on whois and instead return DATA REDACTED, the norm is to charge for that basic service, after their markup.)


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