I am getting Error: 524 when I activate Cloudflare

Hi! I have a web site that’s running on Cloudflare and recently I get an error.

I see it often recently.

The error I get is “Error: 524”. I thought it was something about my hosting provider and contacted them. But they told me there’s something wrong with Cloudflare. I tried to contact you on Twitter but I haven’t got a respond.

My hosting provider suggested me to ask Cloudflare about the “ip addresses that send requests to my hosting” and send them the list of that ip addresses so they can check.

my web site url is https://widgetup.com/

I currently paused Cloudflare in order to keep my web site live and I haven’t get any error since paused it.

5xx errors are caused by the website host response when Cloudflare tries to connect.

Cloudflare’s IP addresses are here:

Here’s some more information on 524 errors:

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