I am Getting Error 406 Not Acceptable error: Firewall

I am checking my crawler status with Ahrefs and Moz , Goolge but it’s showing The HTTP server returned error 406: “Not Acceptable”. This request was likely filtered by a firewall.
My website is protected by the Cloudflare firewall (Firewall Rules are defined).

Kindly tell me how can I fix them.

Could you please share the domain name? If you pause Cloudflare on the domain, do you still get 406 Not Acceptable?


Thanks for your reply. Currently i am using Cloudflare for two different domains. One of them is https://techsaa.com. I am facing same error for both domains. I am also using(a few) set of Cloudflare firewall rules and page rules as well for security and site speed. I can share all information if you need…
May I test it by pausing the Cloudflare?

Please see attached image for better understanding.

Thanks again

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