I am getting DDOS and my website goes DOWN

Hello, good afternoon, it happens that two days ago I suffered a ddos ​​attack on my site, suddenly it began not to load and it took a long time to load, so I subscribed to Cloudflare but I am surprised that I am still subscribed to Cloudflare and putting the rule to block all those who are not from “Mexico” even so my site was still not working correctly, it took a long time to load and sometimes it did not load and showed an error. What else can I do to fix this? Now that it has stopped attacking me and my site is back to normal, but if it does it again, how can I make my site 100% functional and not be affected?

I would also like to know if it has to do with the type of hosting I have for my site and if it is better to buy a vps or dedicated linux server to host it

the person who made the attack obiously got a botnet or somekind of that service to put my website down… cause the request where like 38k individual ips at same time…

heres the picture of the Cloudflare report

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If the site was attacked prior to adding to Cloudflare and now has issues, you should scan your origin for malware and review for any changes that may have been made as a result of the attack.

Enable I am under attack mode, under quick actions on the right side of

You should lock down the origin to only allow traffic from Cloudflare :search: here for details. And, as the attack was against your site before adding it to Cloudflare, ask your hosting provider to rotate your origin ip so that the attacker cannot sidestep Cloudflare and go directly to an IP that they know.


will try those advices for sure… thanks a lot

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