I am getting an error 1000, bigcommerce said add redirect to the cname and remove the A name which I did, but it isnt working

I am getting an error 1000, I was told by bigcommerce to add the redirect to the CNAME and remove the A name which I did, but it isnt working. theteabook com

You removed the DNS A record called theteabook.com (or @), is that correct? Can you click the :orange: by the other two A records to turn them :grey: (proxied to not proxied). Not sure that will solve all the issues or not, but the value of your CNAME record loads properly so assuming if we get the other two A records out of the mix the site will load.

Click on the error 1000 for a #tutorial on why that is happening. The value of your DNS A record(s) is incorrect.

Yes, removed the theteabook dot com A record and created a CName that points to the web address of my store on big commerce. I deleted the other 2 A records. Will give it 10 min to adjust. and will try it.

Thanks for the helpful suggestion…:slight_smile:

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It didn’t work so we reset to our old setting and it is back up, will have to figure out how another time.
Thanks again.

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I had the same issue, resolved by Bigcommerce support


That must be a first. Bigcommerce support fixing anything. Over 100 tech support requests and they have NEVER resolved any issue. I end up doing it myself and wasting hours with their Tier 1 support and all the reading I have to do to resolve what their monkeys cant.

@matt22 I’m experiencing the same issue. Do you know what exactly BigCommerce support did to resolve the issue? I’d like to ask them for something very specific to avoid a lot of back and forth.

Hi @grayloon - sorry no further info. I ensured I stayed on live chat while I made the DNS changes. They agreed with the 1000 error, said it was expected. Resolved quickly by the agent.

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