I am getting a 400 Bad Request


Almost getting used to cloudflare and I love it so far.

I am getting some random emails from my website domains from time to time for server unreachable… and it gives me this IP address

With a 400 Bad Request.

I see that there are ports that cloudflare lists… I am not sure though how to proceed with this fix.

Any ideas?


A 400 always comes from your server. Furthermore, it is it only an IP address Cloudflare is not involved in the first place.

Does that mean I need to change a setting on my server to open the port 443 or something?

Port 443 needs to be open anyhow and have a proper certificate. But that 400 comes from your server, I would suggest you check your logs, additionally pause Cloudflare for the moment and only unpause it once the site is working.

Right… but in the settings I have


FULL bc I am using Lets Encrypt on my server

And I have force HTTPS turned on.

Cloudlfare is not converting my http to https requests when I type it in. Thats why I am getting the error.

Do I need to htaccess this on server end so this will work properly?

I thought thats what Force HTTPS would automatically do

That should be “Full strict”, “Full” is not properly secure.

What’s the domain?


From what I read… you can’t use a self signed SSL with Strict.

Since I am using Let’s Encypt…

Yes, you cannot, but Lets Encrypt is not a self-signed certificate. You switch that to “Full strict”.

oh! okay i thought it was self signed… let me give that a shot.

http://messtudios.com:8443 can’t work as you are connecting via HTTP to an HTTPS port.

ok so why would i get this email randomly… .while the site is loading up fine…

I would check out the link at the bottom of the email :wink:

You seem to have configured some monitoring.

the link meaning… contact cloudflare for support right.

No, the notifications?

Do you have that domain which is mentioned in the email configured at all?

Yes I can turn off the notifcations, but wouldn’t I rather be notified if there is an issue.

Yes that domain is also configured in cloudflare. I am changing it to strict now. It was on full… as in the rest of my domains… I guess I should do that to all of them but I don’t that thats where the error is coming from.

Well, that email is not related to the domain you mentioned earlier. So I am not quite sure what this is about.

Simply make sure the mentioned server is reachable or remove the monitoring from your account.

its another domain in my account, thats all… they are all pretty much set up the same way

But why do you bring up one domain if the email is about a completely different one?

I got a few emails and they say the same thing… its coming from a few of my domains names