I am getting a 1323 code

I am getting a 1323 code when I try to add a new domain to my cloudflare account. I don’t have any unpaid invoices I can see. Cloudflare support isn’t responding to my request. If I try to open a new cloudflare account and add the domains on the one that is locked, it says that domain is locked. I have had to revert the ones that I deleted from the problem cloudlfare account to namecheap DNS until I can get this issue fixed. Any tips for reaching cloudflare support? I have been using cloudflare for 5 or more years without any issues. Now my account is locked out due to a billing issue. I have no outstanding invoices. Please help!

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Hi @ken46 I see a reply from the Support agent from Monday on 3171394 indicating you are good to go.

Can you share the name of the domain?

cloudflare support finally replied. I saw a $5.00 charge on my account. I paid it. My account is still locked. I shot a loom video and replied back to their support. I really need to use cloudflare!

The domains that are prevented from being added to another cloudflare account are the ones I removed from my primary cloudflare account that is locked out.

I am trying to resolve this locked out issue… I don’t want to use namecheap DNS :slight_smile:

I have also got the 1323 error as well.
I delayed on my payment on my stream and now it seems am locked. Can you please help me on this as well

Hi @2windo34,

Could you please open a ticket with us, so that we can further assist you?

Thanks in advance.

We are looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

The issue is resolved. Thank You.