I am getting 525 handshake error and when I did a search on whynopadloack.com every thing is alright

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before it was 525 error, now it shows Error 521 Ray ID: 4f5943045a86d1c3 • 2019-07-13 06:39:48 UTC

Web server is down

SSL Connection - Pass

SSL Certificate Info

Certificate Issuer

Cloudflare, Inc.

Certificate Type

Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-2

Issued On



Your webserver is forcing the use of SSL.

Valid Certificate

Your SSL Certificate is installed correctly.

Domain Matching

Your SSL certificate matches your domain name!
Protected Domains:


Your SSL certificate is using a sha256 signature!

Expiration Date

Your SSL certificate is current. Your SSL certificate expires in 358 days. (2020-07-05)

Mixed Content - Pass

Error 521 #CommunityTip

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