I am getting 404 error when access the same page again after adding web site to cloudflare

I am getting 404 error when access the same page multiple times after adding web site to Cloudflare and change the dns settings.

Did your site work fine on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare? If not, then that’s the issue and you need to fix your server.

ya, my site was working fine on HTTPS before added Cloudflare

is there any changes are required for ssl of my website after added to Cloudflare?

What’s the domain?

my domain is http://nunchaku-practitioner.in/

Your domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

nslookup -type=ns nunchaku-practitioner.in ns1.registry.in
Server:  UnKnown

nunchaku-practitioner.in        nameserver = ant.ezoicns.com
nunchaku-practitioner.in        nameserver = cow.ezoicns.com

I revert back name servers now web site is loading but 404 errors are coming please check the web site again

Precisely, that’s from your host and you need to clarify this with them. Cloudflare is not involved.

I changed to my web host name servers. I am not seeing any errors now. errors are coming only when name servers are pointing to ezoic nameservers

And that is not Cloudflare.

ok, i need to check with ezoic for this issue?


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