I am getting 1053 error while trying to add domain from my Iphone

Hi All,

I am getting error 1053, while I am trying to add domain from my Iphone. Any one can help?

What is the domain? Are you able to add it from desktop?

I have the same problem, is there any suggestion to resolve the issue?


this domain default-page[dot]cloudflareregistrar[dot]com. I try to delete it from the DNS record but I always fail and show error 1053

I have the same problem :confused:

sorry, do you mean my domain? it is salmanfajri[dot]com

I find an article here Error Code1053 - #3 by keithsblohm

but i am unable to locate the setting in the dashboard

Me too. Where can I find this setting?

Unable to finalize configuration of my domain within iCloud+.

It won’t let iCloud to overwrite dns settings…

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