I am facing an issue after adding Cloudflare nameservers to my site

After adding Cloudflare nameservers to my site, I am unable to receive emails. I received the following error message in WP Mail SMTP:

“SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. Failed to connect to serverSMTP server error: Failed to connect to server SMTP code: 111 Additional SMTP info: Connection refused.”

Kindly assist me in resolving the issue sooner.


You have likely proxied a DNS entry that’s used by your mail records. If you can give the domain name or show a screenshot the DNS entries in your dashboard, we can see.

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extrememarketinghub is the domain name. I didn’t proxy DNS entry, I have just changed nameservers.

If mail.extrememarketinghub.com is what you are using in your mail client to connect to your mail host, it is proxied. It should be “DNS only”. At the moment it is showing Cloudflare IPs and loading your website in a browser.

dig +short mail.extrememarketinghub.com
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So, what should I do now?

Set the DNS record for mail to “DNS only” in your dashboard here…

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This one? What to do with the Type ‘CNAME’?

This is assuming your mail clients connect to mail.extrememarketinghub.com for IMAP and SMTP…

As the CNAME target is also proxied you should delete the CNAME for mail and replace with an A record for mail pointing to set to “DNS only”.

You will get a warning that proxied IP addresses are now exposed, not much you can do about this if your mail server is running on the same IP address as your web server. Best to firewall your web server to Cloudflare IP addresses only. The mail server would have to be left open if you don’t know where your mail users will be connecting from.

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