I am facing 522 Time Timed Out Error For Some Images cPanel Server

I am using Cloudflare with my cPanel server and using this service over 3+ years from now. Everything working so far good but recently facing some weird issue. Some of my images not loading and instead of loading its show 522 error when:

site.com/john.jpg [522 time out]
www.site.com/john.jpg [load just fine]

Not only this. For some other images it does not load even I use www.

I totally confused at this point. The reason I called this weird because some images that I faced with 522 error can be accessed by other IPs. Even I can access them when I use VPN.

My troubleshoot:

So I go ahead and ask my cPanel provider to check if my IP is blocked or not. They confirmed my IP is not blocked by cPanel.

I cleared cache, purge cache but not working.

I cleared htaccess, hotlinks, mod security everything the issue exist.

When I disable Cloudflare [DNS Only] everything work from my IP

I turned on development mode ON. Then it works!

At this point, I am very confused, since this kind of issues I never faced before on Cloudflare. I never changed anything from the hosting side. I tried to even use phpthumb to generate image via php but still some image load some image not and 522 timeout error happens.

What should I do now?

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