I am being attacked from cloudflare ip addresses

Hello! For several days now I have been receiving hundreds of thousands of requests from the ip address 2a06:98c0:3600::103 which belongs to Cloudflare because of this my server is intermittent. I tried to block this ip and saw that many countries, providers and user agents were blocked along with it and they look like real ones, it confuses me. All I could find on the Internet at this ip address is that it is associated with the Cloudflare workers service.
Please give me advice on how to deal with this situation? If I block this ip, are ordinary visitors blocked along with it?

No, only Cloudflare Workers will be blocked. You can go ahead and block it.

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Then why, when blocking only this ip address in the blocked list, do I see the asn of real Internet providers?

Thank you for your help

Guys, Iā€™m still trying to figure out this problem. Is it really that easy to launch a ddos attack using Cloudflare services?

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