I am able to send email but not receiving email

I am able to send email but not receiving email. I am using cloudaccess[dot]net mail server. and I have set DNS records according to their like below image

And below is my Cloudflare record in this screeshot

But its not working at all. I can login to mail.cloudaccess[dot]net and send emails. but its not receving email

I contacted them at cloudaccess[dot]net but they said the DNS record I have set is totally fine. But the mx server is not resolving like here below image

So not sure whats the problem. Please help

Does the bottom of your DNS settings page here show Elliott and Riya as your Cloudflare name servers?

Who’s your host? They might actually control your DNS records.

Yes my nameserver is eliot and riya from Cloudflare. thats what I added in my domain settings. My webserver is a dedicated host bought from namecheap.

The Cloudflare name servers don’t appear to be resolving that MX record. Email to open a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the ticket # so we can re-open and escalate it.

I just emailed there. But not sure what was the Ticket ID . So I put the whole ticket link 353755​

Or its the ID ? 353755​ . I emailed using a different email address where I want to received reply. My email I used there amanhstu AT gmail DOT com . Pleaes reply to there. Also its very urgent… I am not receiving emails since I pointed my domain here at Cloudflare…

I’ve escalated the ticket. If we caught @AnjanaM in time, she might be able to take a look at it.

Yes please… Its totally frustrating as I am not receiving important emails since 4 days now. If you need any access let me know. I can give it to you

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Thanks for flagging it. Looking at it now.

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Many thanks for your quick reply . really appreciate it

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Helo @AnjanaM any update on this please ? Didn’t receive any news from you today yet.

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