I am a newbie and have questions to ask

I am a newcomer from China and the questions raised may be misunderstood.
Because I don’t understand English, I can only translate it through Google.

my question is:
When I have not managed yet, China IP can access it normally.
I have already set it up and still have access to Chinese IP.
But after I set up SSL or HTTPS, Chinese IP could not access it.
Even I myself view my website via VPN.
Another problem is
I have to log in multiple times to save in the background settings.
What is wrong with this?

Welcome, the universal translator :greyg: may help translate resources on this site. Search for how to work in my language for details by language by Cloudflare resource.

Can you share the domain name or the error message. And by not access, any more details to share?

I tested a lot of solutions, but I only found one.
Just don’t WWW, you can access it.
Plus WWW, it won’t work. Unable to get IP.

Do you have a CNAME record called www in your DNS tab on the Cloudflare dashboard?

I asked some friends, they said that the analysis has not been completed.
Once you have completed, you can access it with the WWW.
I don’t know if it is true or not.

I hope this is not wrong.

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