I Already use CDN. pingdom.com say "Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)"

i already use CDN Cloudeflare for geva4media. com

but when test speed in pingdom.com say “Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)”

See Screenshot https://snag.gy/HC9yqO.jpg

That’s a new one. I’ve used Pingdom many times in the past and didn’t get that CDN message. Now I’m getting that message. It’s clearly inaccurate. Especially if a site loads in less than a second with many resources showing a cf-cache-status of HIT. They just need to add Cloudflare to their CDN list.

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Thanks. it mean not problem in my website or DNS https://geva4media.com/

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Hi Guys, I have exactly the same problem. Is it an error? Is it affecting my website speed? my website loads in 1,5s according to pingdom…

As first thing, you should fix the js errors on your site that prevent it to be rendered properly

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