I Already Register Nameserver cloudflare on my Namebright but still can't open Almost 3 Days


Help Me Guys :frowning:


The mentioned domain, notredamedeparis2013.com, is currently having the status clientHold, which literally means that the domain is suspended.

clientHold is often used when there are problems, such as e.g. legal disputes, or lack of payment.

clientHold is also sometimes set by some domain registrars, when the client fails to validate their domain contacts (e.g. the registrant email).

You need to contact NameBright to get that sorted out.


Thankyou Sir, iโ€™ll try to contact NameBright, before my accoutnt suspend but already to open it,but my domain still canโ€™t use. iโ€™ll try to contact NameBright again, Thank you sir

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