I added my site but still shows " not secure" in my address bar

I added my site thebbwgf.com ADULT CONTENT WARNING

But still shows not secure in my url bar, I tried ’ the “flexible” and " full" choices, nothing. When I turn on " always use HTTPS" the site stops loading and then I get a prompt to buy the SSL for $29.99 from the hosting company.

How do I activate this? what I’m doing wrong.


It sounds like your site wasn’t secure before you added it to Cloudflare, correct? That needs to be fixed. Cloudflare offers Origin SSL/TLS certificates if your host will let you install it.


In his case, the reason for it showing as insecure is because there are HTTP URLs on an HTTPS site.

Although, not that I checked for myself, Always Use HTTPS triggered an SSL warning from the host.

I myself use view-source to check the code, no need to visualize the page :sweat_smile:, all the refs are HTTP and it seems like that might be the cause of the site not showing as secure.

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