I added edge certificate w/ HSTS for my site aiydee dot net

My site: aiydee dot net

I added edge certificate w/ HSTS

Everything seemed to work and all of a sudden non of my subdomain now are accessible. If you go to the site, there seems to be a database connection issue (the database is a subdomain). Also, my site cpanel (it is also a subdomain) wasn’t accessible but now it is. However, once log in now, it just auto logs me out.

I cannot connect to my database from my computer like I was before. My database dns looks like a subdomain of my site (mssql dot aiydee dot net)

Before you use HSTS you need to make sure your server is properly configured for SSL. Is it?

There’s also the database proxy issue, but you first need to fix the SSL configuration on the server.

my host is configured w/SSL by coping the 2 Domain name from cloudflare. When I did that it worked. At some point when I set up HSTS, all the subdomains became inaccessible.

It does not seem as if your server is properly configured.

Can you pause Cloudflare?

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I am not sure how you are seeing that. I just used a new browser and if I go directly to my site https and http, it spins forever and comes back w/ a database connection error.

You haven’t paused Cloudflare yet.

I go into the dashboard but I don’t see advanced action or pause…

Can you post a full page screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/aiydee.net

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I see a link to pause cloudflare from your link. I now have paused it.

Great, now you need to talk to your host to get the site working on HTTPS.

I was able to get it to work on HTTPS. however, after a bit I cannot connect to my database (subdomain)

I am afraid you weren’t. That was not proper HTTPS. As mentioned you first need to secure the server.

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I think it was a few minutes after I click to set up HSTS and click one of the settings to turn on subdomains - it gave a message that subdomains that didn’t support HSTS would be inaccessible.

As mentioned, before you do anything with HSTS, you need to have a secure server.

So talk to your host and get HTTPS working. Once that works, HSTS will also work.

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Could I enable HTTPS and not enable HSTS?

No, you need to secure the server first, otherwise HTTPS won’t work at all.

Ok. Could you explain why it worked for an hour or so though?

It didn’t, you noticed yourself the issue. You only had a partial proxy configuration, but you you need to secure it properly.

So again, talk to your host now and get your site working on HTTPS. As long as that does not work, your site cannot be secure. Once your server loads fine on HTTPS, it will also work with HSTS on Cloudflare and HTTPS.