I added CNAME before more than 12 hours and not updated yet why?

I need help for my domain CNAME not showing in dns checkers

What is the domain and subdomain you have created with the CNAME?

CNAME: gwity.000webhostapp.com

CNAMEs are not permitted at the root domain. Cloudflare will let your enter one, but it will always be flattened to the A/AAAA addresses that the target resolves to when queried to comply with this requirement.

If proxied, that will always be a Cloudflare IP address; if “DNS only”, then just the target IP address. You will never see the CNAME itself returned when querying a root domain.

For CNAMEs that need to be seen by a hosting provider, it is therefore normal to use your site on a www subdomain and redirect the root domain to www on Cloudflare.

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Host provider told me to add cname to my domin so i added it in root domain , so what should i do? I don’t want to add ns i need cloudflare features
So should i point A record to my instance ip?

So CNAME working only In subdomains? And i need to redirect Gwity.com to www.gwity.com?

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