I added Cloudflare to my website now my subdomain doesn't work

As the title suggests, I needed a CDN to work with my Cache plugin for my wordpress website and Cloudflare was the best option. GoDaddy is my registrar so I changed the nameservers through there. This change disconnected my subdomain from the DNS Settings that were set up in GoDaddy prior to Cloudflare.

Everything works fine except my subdomain which is connected to my Shopify (a completely different website) .

I tried going in the fix this error in Cloudflare DNS settings by adding the CNAME and directing to shopify, however I keep getting the error Code 1004.

I dont have a screenshot, or any memory of how the DNS Settings looked prior, I just know my subdomain doesn’t work anymore and i cant add it through the dns settings. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you getting any code after the 1004 error?

Details here if you are

Thank you for your swift and speed response. it turned out auto-proxy was set up for any dns record that is added. However, Shopify has its own proxy settings so after shutting that off, i was able to add it. Thank you.

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