I added cloudflare in my website after some hours my website is offline

Hello fellas I hope you doing good.

After I added my website with Cloudflare (free plan) the site worked great and I got very good performance but after some hours it went offline.
My website https://mixbrands-ks.com which it’s hosted in Hetzner cloud and it has enable the HTTPS.

I paused the Cloudflare and I thought you can help me solve this problem.
I am really newbie in this side of technology if anyone can help me what can I do step by step I would really appreciate it.
I read some posts in google with some terms “Strict SSL” but I don’t know what does that mean?

Please help me ?
Thank you.

You are right, the insecure mode you currently have selected is the reason why the site does not load.

Make sure you selected Full Strict at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls and the site should load.


Thank you <3

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