I added a new subdomain in my host but is not added in CF dns table

I added a new subdomain in my host dns zone but is not added in CloudFlare dns table, how to refresh or repopulate new records in my site Cloudflare dns table?

Any changes at your host require a manual update to your DNS records here:

When I first add my site to Cloudflare automatically retrieved all my DNS records and add them to CF dns table on click. I want to re-execute the same process but to reconcile the Host with Cloudflare instead of adding them one by one.

Hi @user6955,

The way Cloudflare does this when you sign up is by querying your nameservers for a list of common records. If it did that again, it would just find the records at Cloudflare, since that’s where your nameservers point.

What you can do if you don’t want to add them manually, is import them, if your host will let you export your records in BIND format.

My Host does not provide such functionality. Maybe you can refer me to a tool that could get me that data in the required format by directing them to my host nameserver.

In my opinion Cloudflare should keep the sites real nameservers on the site record and provide this functionality. They already have the code, just need to use the nameservers on record instead of the registrar nameserver then do the import with some duplicate verification that I guess already have the code on the Import button you mention.

They do offer something similar to this with integrated hosting partners, where the partner (i.e. your host) can keep the records updated.

As for another service, I am not aware of one that will scan for records and export them for you.

https://network-tools.com/nslookup/ is a site that does dns lookup and ask for nameserver but does not provide an export file of any kind.

I had the question on Developer community but the moderator mixed the two threads. I was hoping to ask the developers for such tool.

You can only export DNS records from a name server for that domain. In our case, either our web host, which should have a DNS page for your domain, or our Cloudflare Account.

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