I add Thai Domain name to Cloudflare but got error 1016

My domain is เคสไอโฟนราคาถูก.com that wil translate to English domain name below


but I got error 1016 and I have no idea to solve this problem.

Any suggestion?

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Sorry I don’t know it will translate to Thai domain again.

xn–42caj4e3az0cew7cb3n3a0a3e .com

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Thats not an issue because of the domain name, but rather because of your DNS settings.

Also, you only have a “www” record set up, not the naked domain. Not sure if that is intended.

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I set dns as image. Other domain work properly.

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You currently have เคสไอโฟนราคาส่ง.com.เคสไอโฟนราคาส่ง.com set up. I believe that could be a known issue with Cloudflare. Replace the name of your A record with @.


Wow it work perfectly. Thanks. Save a ton of my time.

Great Community.


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