I add my site in cloudflare,its shows site unsafe,and not live yet

my site not live yet,i just change my server 2 days ago form shared to vps,noe i add my site in cloudflare,my site not wokring,its take load only load

You didn’t post your domain name, so we can only guess. It’s usually Mixed Content:


hello sir,

i am facing a big issue,i change my hosting from shared to vps 2 days ago,still my sites not properly working, that the reason i used cloudflare,…if my sited i added in cloudflare is my sites properly working,before i added this site https://themoviesflix.com/ but this one not working,speed still too slow,i think propagation issue 48hrs ago still not solve.

is it possible if i added in Cloudflare, my sites working fine?
i also try before,not working…takes time sir???